Innovation is a result of the close collaboration of experienced acupuncturists, scientists and industry. Even in a thousand years old sector like acupunture, new ideas how acupuncture tools and needles can be improved, arise day to day during practical application. Good examples of innovation are the “Streitberger Placebo Needles” for clinical research, or “Safe-T Sleeve™”, which have been developed specifically for the “clean needle technique”. Manufacturing products such as the placebo needle or the Safe-T Sleeve acupuncture needle requires a high level of manufacturing expertise. As the leading German manufacturer of acupuncture needles, we have all the expertise needed.

Streitberger placebo needles for clinical studies or clinical research

The placebo needle was developed by Konrad Streitberger, MD, specifically for the scientific research on acupuncture and its mode of action. It was presented in the Lancet in 1998. Manufacturing acupuncture needles, which do not penetrate the skin but have the same appearance and application as real acupuncture needles, requires great technical know-how and manufacturing expertise. This is a hallmark of asiamed. Therefore, the production of placebo needles was entrusted to asiamed, which has been manufacturing them since 2000. Streitberger placebo needles are no medicinal products, even though they are used in the context of acupuncture studies.

Further information about placebo needles can be found in:

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Safe-T Sleeve™: The special guide tube for the “clean needle technique” and in difficult treatment situations

TeWa Safe-T Sleeve™ is an exceptional product developed by asiamed in cooperation with the experienced acupuncturist John Stan. The special, two-piece guide tube of this needle type facilitates safe needle handling and acupuncture point stimulation from a hygienic point of view, even when using longer needles. This also ensures compliance with the North American “Clean needle technique” of the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine.


CJ-Type Safe-T Sleeve: Coated, with Safe-T Sleeve guide tube, 100 pcs/box

CJ-Type Safe-T Sleeve (s)Uncoated, with Safe-T Sleeve guide tube, 100 pcs/box