Surface treatment

coated and uncoated acupuncture needles

Traditionally, acupuncture needles were always uncoated, the raw steel wire might have been polished, but it did not undergo any further treatment. Optimal puncture characteristics were and still are determined by a precisely ground tip and the surface texture of the steel wire.

Since the 1970s, acupuncture needles have been coated with high-quality silicone compounds especially approved for medical use. This silicone coating has also been used for years on cannula needles. The coating significantly improves puncture characteristics, so that the patient feels the process of puncturing the skin less or not at all. In Western countries, this feature has significantly increased the acceptance of acupuncture as a treatment method. asiamed supplies different sizes and diameters in “coated” and “uncoated” variants.

Gold- or silver-plated acupuncture needles

In traditional Chinese medicine, treatments using gold and silver needles are common, mainly in the field of ear acupuncture. Today’s acupuncture needles are no longer made of solid gold or silver. Instead, the metal needles coated with gold or silver. The coating is continuous to the greatest possible extent. The treatment makes use of the different energy potentials of the precious metals in order to treat the acupuncture points.

An acupuncture point is characterized by a lower skin tension than the surrounding area. The skin tension resistance is reduced by up to 80%. Therefore, acupuncture points can be determined beyond doubt by comparative measurements of the tension resistance of a skin area. The redox potentials of gold (Au +1.41) and silver (Ag +0.8) are significantly different. Gold needles are used for strengthening and tonifying, whereas silver needles are used to reduce activity.

asiamed and TeWa gold and silver plated acupuncture needles