Our brands

Our brands asiamed and TeWa feature 30 different types of acupuncture needles and a total of over 300 variants. They cover the entire spectrum of acupuncture needles, even for specific acupuncture treatments. The outstanding quality of asiamed acupuncture needles is manifested in their particularly gentle insertion characteristics. This is one of the reasons for their great popularity and high acceptance. Easy-to-open packs and blisters facilitate handling and make day-to-day practice easier.

All of our acupuncture needle boxes can be opened fast and easy with one hand: No more inconvenient handling of the packaging during a treatment. To find the desired needle size in an instance, the different colors of the needle handles have been implemented consequently on our packaging, too.

Acupuncture needles are available in many different sizes, diameters and lengths. But needles are also differentiated by other characteristics, like the form and material of the handle, the possible coating of the needle surface and the availability of a guide tube, a special pucture-aid.

asiamed Acupuncture needles

In 2000, asiamed started with the production acupuncture needles in Suhl, Germany. Due to the long tradition in the manufacturing of fine mechanical instruments and high-precision weapons, the location was perfectly qualified for the production of our needles. Our site is closo to the University of Ilmenau that has specialized in the treatment of filaments and wires. The geographic closeness to this research institute and the qualification of our local employees were important factors in the creation of a modern, automated production process to produce first-rate acupuncture needles. In contrast to the acupuncture needles from China, which were still largely handmade at that time, like this acupuncture needles could be produced with a consistently excellent quality.

Our asiamed product line covers all kinds and types of acupuncture needles, even such ones that are required for very special treatments, like gold and silver needles. Our needles are available uncoated or with a silicon surface coating.

TeWa Acupuncture needles

TeWa is one of the best-established acupuncture needles worldwide. The TeWa needles are preferably manufactured of medical stainless steel with a classic copper loop handle. Of course, TeWa needles are also available with plastic handles. Our TeWa product line aims to needle types that are being used in a large scale. Well-known acupuncturists appreciate the larger packaging units with 1.000 needles per box. Part of the product line are also especially long needles, like TeWa CB- and CJ-type. These are particularly suitable for the application in deeper areas of the skin. Shorter needle types (TeWa DPB-type detox) are suitable for areas with a thinner skin, therefore these needle types are very popular in treatments like auriculotherapy or face acupuncture. TeWa needles are available both coated and uncoated.