Our claim are top-quality products that give you and your patients can rely on. The asiamed acupuncture needles are produced in controlled and automatized manufacturing proceedings. These monitored techniques as well as especially qualified employees and a comprehensive selection of our raw materials guarantee a persistently excellent quality. Like all manufacturing of medical products, our production is subject to strict compulsory standards and is controlled by a notified body at regular intervals.

asiamed has a production site in Suhl, Germany and our acupuncture needles are manufactured with german know-how and machinery that is developed by asiamed to create the best acupuncture needles possible. Moreover, the nearby University of Ilmenau has a department specializing in wire processing. The proximity to this research institution, as well as the qualifications of employees in that region with long-standing traditions in precision engineering, are two key success factors in the production of a “perfect needle”.

Here you can find our CE- and ISO- approvals